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Take Advantage of Neuroplasticity
Bite-sized Learning of Repertoire
Research-based education
For exams or for fun


Take Advantage of Neuroplasticity

Playing Piano develops motor, auditory, and visual memory and attention, increasing working memory capacity and multimodal processing. The neural connections are the most susceptible to change from early childhood throughout early adulthood. Start training the brain of your child with PianoUP now.

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Bite-sized Learning of Repertoire

Learning in chunks is the most effective way to form motor memory in the brain. Break down a repertoire piece to scales, chords, and arpeggios and learn it with PianoUP. 

Research-Based Education 

PianoUP combines scientifically proven and research-based techniques in piano pedagogy and cognitive neuroscience. PianoUP facilitates brain connections, improves motor memory, and maintains high motivation in learning piano.

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For Exams and for Fun

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Structured, fun, and unlimited practice. The curriculum is aligned with major testing agencies.

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Multimodal Learning

Study with a teacher or individually

Have a teacher or learn by yourself. PianoUP can be easily integrated into any curriculum and genre.

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