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Level Up your Technical Piano Skills

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

From absolute beginners to advanced. Learn 35,000 exercises with immediate feedback and individualized practice. The curriculum is aligned with major testing agencies.

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Learn anytime anywhere on any piano and on any device. Boost your technical skills for a more satisfying repertoire performance. Track your progress. Learn independently or connect with your teachers.

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Track Students’ Progress and Skill Levels

Make piano lessons less about the repetitive technical practice and more about musical expression. Connect with your students and assign new exercises.

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From Beginner to Advanced

The curriculum is divided into levels. The levels include different types of scales, chords, and arpeggios with 35000 practice exercises. 

Our Sound Recognition works on Acoustical & Digital Pianos Equally Well 

Use your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC to work with PianoUP. Our Artificial Intelligence will check your performance in real-time and provide feedback on your accuracy, fluency, and tempo.
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Our Artificial Intelligence will lead you through practice exercises based on your performance.

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PianoUP  Founders

A Word from Creators

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova

DMA in Piano Performance

Technical skills are building blocks of piano playing. Learning them usually requires many hours of unguided practice via trial and error. We have developed PianoUP to optimize the time and effectiveness of your practice, so you can enjoy your upgraded technical skills in performing your favourite repertoire pieces.

Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

To assist in your technical skill preparation, we used cutting-edge research in Cognitive Neuroscience, Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, so your brain will process the newly acquired skills most efficiently. For that, we incorporated immediate feedback and individualized guidance to allow you to enjoy the learning experience.

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  • Fully functional Levels A and B
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PianoUP is for everyone 

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